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Snapped Me Burns.


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Done this tonight, fair enough it was a pretty big gap drop but, ow my ankle...haha..no pain just broke the crank arm, as you can see.

Now what to do....they are under granenteeeee BUT! i no longer live in England

What does this mean?

Am I going to have to send them all the way back across the pond...and wait

Or what?? + i dont have the reciept, i still know the guys at the bike shop where i bought them.

Can i just deal with Middleburn direct?

I'm expecting the worst..anybody had this happen to them, just the snappage or living mile and miles away as well??

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Just send them off with a little letter explaining your situation. Give them your address and contact details. I'm sure they'll be able to help. They may make you pay for postage but chances are your going to get some free cranks.

They didn't charge me postage (Y)

I just rang them on the Monday morning, and told them I had snapped my driveside crank, and asked if I could send them back. They said that was cool, so I sent them (with a cover note) on the Monday morning.

I then recieved a new pair of cranks on the Thursday morning.

Top service from Middleburn (Y)

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Middleburns have always snapped. Not many though.

What you don't think about is how many more poeple have registered with the forum, so your bound to see more broken middlenburns. Like I have noticed now that posts move much faster down the page than the old skool days of trials forum.


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