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Retapping My Frame


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hey guys well reacently ive stripped the threads on my frame and basicly dont know what to do , i took my frame down halfords to get it done but they said i would have to get it drilled out to 5.5mm and i dont particualy want to do it as im scared of messing it up, i have tryed all the engineers in tamworth that i have found on yell.co.uk with no luck, so i have come to the conclusion that i need to get it helicoiled but i dont know where to go, so basicly dose anyone know any places i can get my frame helicoiled near the birmingham area if so i would be very gratefull.

if anyone has had to drill there frame out to retap there threads can you please say how risky it would be because if the risk is low i will do it myself.

cheers for any help


sorry about spelling mistakes

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