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Fianl Fantasy 11


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If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy Series.

Don't buy this.

It's just some generic, run of the mill MMORPG with the name tagged on to attract sales. In my opinion you should never buy RPG games for the PC, they just aren't as good, and thats a fact! How about some of these for Playstation:

Disgaea:Hour of Darkness - PS2

Phantom Brave - PS2

Dark Chronicle - PS2

Breath of Fire III- PSX (find on ebay - beautiful game)

Alternatively/Also you could purchase a nice piece of kit called Swap Magic 3.6 (find it on ebay or a few online shops). With this you can play not only Backup games (cough! torrents +dvd writer=happiness) but you can also play NTSC games (find them on ebay), some good ones are;

Suikoden III - PS2

Final Fantasy Tactics - PSX (great storyline but bloody hard)

Anyway, hope to be of help.

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