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Firefox Problem


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Ok after everyone's opinions on Firefox I thought I'd give it a go - and I'm impressed! Defintely want to keep it instead of IE.

BUT there's one kimnnda big problem - a lot of the time, the page I'm on will just decide to start shaking around - its weird to explain, but it's like I'm scrolling up/down really quickly, so it just vibrates up n down :(

It doesnt do it on every page, and its not on specific pages - e.g. this page now is shaking about, but a few mins ago it wasnt :)

Any ideas why it might be/how to stop it?


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It sounds like you have 2 inputs fighting against each other.

Like i have a graphics tablet and sometimes if i leave the pen on the edge of the tablet it acts like the mouse is in the top left, yet i'm moving my actual mouse down, so the net effect is it makes the page judder up and down really quickly.

Do you have another inputs apart from your mouse connected?

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Nope, not that I know of anyway! Nah I don't, plus it's only started when I switched to Firefox (i.e. when I first opened Firefox after installing it, the 'Firefox Start' page was going crazy too)

It's really annoying, just the way it starts and stops. I've realised it seems to do it when you have an extra toolbar (so when the area the page is displayed in changes) - like this page was fine until I opened up a new tab and the tabs toolbar came up. Then I close the other tab, expecting it to go back to normal - but it doesn't. But if I press F11, it stops - until I press F11 again :(

Thanks again

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