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Page Just To Put Your Bike Pictures On


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I was just wondering why we have got a page just to stick pictures of our bikes on. What if we want`s to write about it telling people what parts we may have etc.........., i'm not that bothered I was just asking. People can not really reply telling us what they think of our bike and their opions.

Can you keep it as normal.

Just a thought

Gaz :S

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Yea basically back in the day when there were less people, everyone used to post their bike pictures in a Bike Pics thread. Then people used to just comment and stuff after the pics, but as the forum grew the comments were filling up entire pages and so the bike pics thread consited mostly of peoples comments/arguments, for this reason the thread was closed/removed.

Shortly after the "Gallery" arrived but people found it tricky to use or just plain didn't bother looking there like they used to with just the thread up there and so Tom and Danny, (and others Iguess) have been working out ways to restore a simpler thread but maintain the old style of just pictures in a thread.

I think it works really well, just what we needed. :S


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