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im concentrating on my gapping at the monet and its very poor for the amount of time ive been riding .

i've recenlty siwthced from a t-pro to a t-lite , but im fiding trouble gapping i lower my front as much as i can i go as high has i can and i push as muhc as i can and still im not goign any where near over two foot.

is there a teqencniqe(SP?)

aprantly i dont preload ?could someone please explain what this is?

thank yoo.


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It would be alot easier if you post up a little clip of you gapping :(

Just try to dip the front end, lean back a little, then as soon as your ready to kick, pull your body forward towards the bars and kick at exactly the same time, if your trying to gap level, pretend your gapping up, you go thurther :)

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Got a good clip last night of me gapping something, lowering the front end leaning back, then lifting the bike towards, its from the side so you can see it well, BUT I cant get it as my mates camera it was on his computer doesnt like the internet.

So try lowering the front end leaning back.

Kick and lift bars towards you whilst tucking the bike.

Then extend the legs and plant rear wheel on object.

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Preload is everything. Basically to preload more means you crouch down lower just before the gap and in an instant spring your weight up and forwards as high/far as you can stretch. Its sort of like compressing yourself like a spring and launching yourself over the greatest distance/amount of movement you can do.

Hope that helps,


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If you can't do over 2ft then something is definitely wrong really. I wouldn't really worry about preloading/lowering the front at this stage, it'll just confuse you. You don't really need to think about that until you get to maybe 4ft or bigger. Just concentrate on your balance on the back wheel, hopping to the edge nicely and then just doing one bigger backhop to the next object.

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