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Front To Back

tom tom

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Do you mean like a front wheel gap to an endo, then swap wheels? If so then im learning them too. The advice I got (which is working by the way (Y) ) Is to really commit yourself to throw your body forwards and throw your shoulders over the bars as much as possible. Keep low too :)

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Im learning gaps to front etc at the mo.

Tried a step up gap and didnt get the front high enough, ploughed into the otherside and went arse over tit >_<

Im struggling to get enough brake power on my maggies at the front to get the rear end up, whilst maintaining some modulation and control.

Am upgrading to a disk after xmas

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the way im learning them is..

hope to the edge off the wall but make sure you're front wheel is in front of the wall and not above it..

then gap to front wheel as you do this swing the back of the bike to you're right and the lean back..

I swing it to the right as im left footed and i cannot do it dead on straight ,i find it much easier this way but what ever is easyer (Y)

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