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Hi, I'm New!

Ben Collins

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Hi all,

I joined the forum about 2 months ago and started making a few posts, my computer then died shortly after and I have just been able to get back on, so i think it's about time I introduced myself.

I started riding trials about a year ago when some people I half-knew had started riding about 6 months earlier and i wanted to get started. Me and my brother both started, him getting an onza t-pro and me getting a mission prodigy, since then i have upgraded almost everything on y bike due to how uncompatible my mission was i have bought; new forks, new frame, new rear wheel, new stem, new bars and new cranks and gearing, due to almost everything on my bike being oversized, such as a 1.5'' headtube and 14mm axles (N)

Anyway I'm 14 and live in woking and shall hopefully be going on most London rides and look forward to meeting you all.

Thanks for reading (Y)

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Hey Ben,

WOW dude what a cool post and intro. You wouldn't happen to have an English teacher within you then fora post like that? Gutted to hear about you pc going, i know what it's like but i do fonled with them a lot, overclocking and sub zero cooling. By the the way got any pics of you rididng you bike? Probs will see you on a ride sometime soon dude. Feel free to add me to you msn mate.


PS: Welcome to the family (profile mod hub click) Welcome to the family (profile mod hub click, you know, kinda Adam family style)

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yea kwl intro, and its nice to see new people to the forum im sort of new myself and ive been riding for about the same time as u only as i was using an onza tvee forbout 1 and a half months and i could only trial hop. i was struggling to learn stuff untill i got my onza t pro for christmas :) now i learn pretty fast.

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Hey all, I'm new to the forum to, and this is an intro to me to. My names Damian I'm 17 nearly 18 in a few months, and I'm from Chelmsford, Essex. I've been riding trials for around a year and a bit. I'm currently riding a Zoo! Python with gold rims and a profile built onto the rear.

Thats about it really, look forward on spendings a silly amount of hours on here.


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