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Mp3 Onto My Powerbook


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my mate has one of these:

IPB Image

with loads of good mp3s on it and i want to get them onto my powerbook, then onto my ipod.

apparently its hard to do and when he tries to burn a cd it make sthem into 'ATRAC3' format.

any ideas? maybe a program is needed?


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I would give up. Sony are notoriously annoying at DRM, being a record company first and a MP3 player manufacturer second. Even if you do manage to get them off the thing, they will be in atrac as you say, which will need converting to MP3. I don't know if there is software for this, but I expect not...

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Turns out that converting ATRAC3 (.oh my god) to .mp3 lowers the audio quality so you're best converting to .wav then to .mp3. Get the ACM encoder/decoder from Minidisc's site: here. Unzip the two files and right click atrac3.inf and chose install. With atrac3.acm installed, you should be able to decode to .wav by using the Windows application, sndrec32.exe. Then, if you want, you can convert further to .mp3.

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