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Couple Of Questions


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ok. well guna buy a few new things to make sure my bike all workin sweet for koxx days :) bassicly looking to gt chain, tyres and rims. heres the questions.

Rims: im going sun doublewide on the rear and that all sorted with spokes etc. im just wondering, on the front im getting a alex dx32 and guna drill it. which is stronger outa radial on non disk side and 2x on disk side? or 3 cross all round (this just for front.)? now drilling, im going to drill front rim with 22mm holes beetween each spoke, is it worht drilig the sidewalls also? now getting the dx32 isnt the only option, theres a d321 aswell, is this much stronger than a dx32? can i drill it with 22mm holes? will it be worht the extra money?

Hub: i have viz hub, does anyone have any idea on the flange size and spacing etc?

Tyres: im looking for new front and rear tyres. obviously maxxis would be the main choice but it not the price that im bothered about it that last maxxis i had i went throught it within 3 months which wasnt very impressed with, im looking for some allternatives than maxxis something with a lil more life(possibly cheaper :) ) anyone suggest anything? this is for front and rear. have a mich 24 on rear and its nearly doubled the life of my maxxis, may get another one of these but just looking at alternatives at the mo.

Chains: 2 chains im looking at are the kmc kools, i have a khe at the mo but had it a while and well would like to replace it just to give me a lil more confidence. i heard the thinner one may be a tad stronger due to shorter pins,true? so which to get out the 2 widths?

all help very much appreciated....thanks whteboy

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Evening whiteboy, for your front wheel personally I would just lace it up 3x both sides. Done that with all my wheels and they are fine, also gives better torsional stregth. Not sure about drilling or hub spacing so onto tyres, when I rode stock I used a syncros bht on the rear and a dmr moto digger on the front. The syncros was an awesome tyre, I had the 2.5 which is big and heavy so your best off getting the 2.35, I never pinched the tyre and had it for over 6 months good use and it was still good when I took it off my bike. Also the dmr on the front was nice, gave good bounce and didn't pinch either in the whole time I had it, the wear rate was really good on this aswell, still got loads of tread on there. Break from the norm and don't buy maxxis ;)

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