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Slave Cylinder Problems


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Indeed everything leaks alittle nothings perfect so dont worry :) ...

Just a different point of view that may help...

How wet is wet ? and was it more liquid or was it sort of mush almost, gunk type stuff, quite dense like grease, building up behind the pad and on the cylinder piston ?...

If so you shouldnt worry if its a small amount it doesnt really afect your braking unless your picky :closedeyes: ...

Like you said your brake is working fine so your good to ride ;)

If your worried, just clean it out so there isnt any resin,mucky, gunky stuff left,

obviously you wont get rid of it all, but best to get rid of it so further build up doesnt drip/fall/ease its way onto your rim and infect it causing your rim to act like ice ^_^

Finally just make a mental note of your brake modulation, power and if you notice the loss of these then you have a problem to worry about :- ...

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