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Mike Deere

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Beasty photos as usual Mike!!

Need to get some more up, i love em.

in that first one did you use off camera flash?

How do you get the exposure so spot on, the flash is perfect.

Last ones best, although he should be covering his back brake :P


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You're right, I do need to take more trials photos... But now that I'm living in a household where 4 people ride trials and another rides downhill I can imagine I'll be returning to my trials roots. :D

I've even just picked up an old Saracen MAD off a mate, so that I can get back into trials properly... I've missed it.

In other news, yes I did indeed use off camera flash for all of the photos. I use a really old-skool manual flashgun along with aperture priority mode. I use a medium aperture of about f/8 to f/11 and make sure that the flash is as strong as possible when used in sunlight, as it has to balance out the almighty powerful sun. :)

A lot of it is guesswork and luck!

Edit: I just remembered something! In that shot of the wheelie, he is actually covering the back brake! The bike is German (he's from Germany) and the Europeans do have something funny about having the levers the "wrong" way round.

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