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Freewheel Thickness

N Roach

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yeah the tryall freewheel is really thick Ive just got one and had to grind my bashring down to hardly nothing so it wouldn't rub on the bottom bracket shell , if you don't have a 128 mm bottom bracket get one and it should sort out the problem as for the spacer i havent seen them but i thought about making one at first then i just demolished my bash instead .

maybe ask tarty because they stock both and should have a idea whether it normally fits .

heres mine fitting


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If the crank arm wobbles when it is in the correct position then it would not be a good idea to space them out to that position, as even when done up tight against the spacer they would still move slightly as you pedaled, which would damage the cranks splines. 3-piece cranks are fine spaced out, as they don't have a tapered spline like ISIS, they just rely on tight tolerances.

If you don't already have a 128mm BB then get one.

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