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West Sussex Any One From Ther

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well geting my trials bike soon but i have only got 1 m8 that does trials the rest r dirt jumpers i used to but just could not pick it up wat is the point of riding over a heap of mud but then again to i got intrested i wonderd why the f**k people were riding round on 20inch weeld bikes and no seets i thought they were a manufacture fault. any way getting on with the point he is better then me because i cant do jack yet but thats could i havnt got a trials bike he doesnt have a trials bike he just does it on his spesilized so i want to find some people in west sussex to ride with is ther any one on here who can teach me and ride wid me.



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I am mate but just sold my bike, will PM you when I get my new one im from Horsham pretty good for riding round here more street/trials

wicked how old r u

im from handcross my spesilized p2 is infreeborn at the minute so i go to horsham all the time i am getting my bike for christmas do u think u will be getting yours around the same time i was going to street ride crawley when i got it but they r all chavs i prfer horsham how many people do you normaly ride with i might be intrested but i wont be doing much because i have just started so i will watch and learn.



im from sussex, bognor regis but thats a wee bit far for you but anywhere along the south coast is good.


what do you normaly ride around ther natural or street if ther is some were in the middle of us i might meet up with you.

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