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Hey, Names Dan


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Well, hey guys, after a few hours browsing, i decided to register, maybe a few of youse guys can help me oot a bit. :-

Well just thought id say hey to youse all and show u some pics of ma ride.

Its currently a stock DiamondBack T20

IPB Image

IPB Image

Thats it :D sorry bout the pics i ken they are rubbish but i took them with my phone

The other thing i wanted to say was. when i ride sometimes and do some gap jumps, it sounds like my crank

clicking like, One sudden click and thats it. It does it now and then but not all the time. Last time it did this it got more frequent and eventually gave up on me and i had to have new sprocket,and bearings. I hope it aint gonna happen again. Any suggestions on if it is or not would be apreciated big time. Or even some links to good back sprockets to stop this happenin would be great. Cheers yall. Nice to meet youse.

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Yo, nice to talk to youse to lol, am from wales south. Near Cardiff i see ur from sussex what bike youse got?

ideal beginners bike thats the same one my mate started on and i started on the 26" version. little advice though...scrap the seat (Y) . adam

hey mate just noticed what you said obout the freewheel skipping heres a link to tartybikes.co.uk they have loads of freewheels all depending on how much money you have, acs claws are good but ive had two and they were lasting me about 2weeks each and now ive got an eno and its perfect but expensive, hope this helps.

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