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How To - Paint Stripping.

Phil H

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use nitromorse or caustic soda if it's anadised, which i think it is? just paint it on and leave it for a bit then it should all be crumbling and falling of then wipe it down with a cloth or jetwash it you'll then need to polish it so get some auto sol metal polish and make it shiny (Y)

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Yoyoyo i have paint striped a couple of frames so heres how it is>

1st!: Go to your local diy shop and get some Paint stripper/ nitromorse,rubber gloves,rags.

2nd!: Take your bike apart.

3rd!: Set a suitble area up (away from animals,small children).

4th!: Put Paint stripper/ nitromorse in a container and put rubber gloves on.

5th!: Take rag and dip it in the Paint stripper/ nitromorse and wipe on your frame, after you have aplied one coat leave the Paint stripper/ nitromorse to work for around 20-25 mins maby more, you may need to do this more than once.

6th!: Takeold brush or rag and wipe the frame down, after wiping the frame down the frame should be stripped.

7th!: You may want to spray a coat of clear laquer on the frame to give it a shine effect and also add a protection coat.

Hope it helped conor(Y)

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Cheers for the response guys. I spoke to my dad about Nitromorse this morning and we have some in the garage but brought up the point it depends how/under what temperatures etc the paint was applied. Do different manafacturers have different ways of applying paint?

Anyway, I will get in touch with some people who have actually done it on T-Rex's and see if they can help.

Cheers. Phil

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I just stipped my trex about a week ago it really is a piece of piss to do , just paint nitromorse allover it wait like 5 mins then the paint crumbles and you just wipe it off and wash your frame down and thats it .

your thinking way to much about it , it really is just simple and once youve done it you will agree.

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