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Bb Hieght


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It all depends on Personal preferance really, i could say high BB to you but then you may not like it.

Best thing to do is ride other people's bike (as long as your nice to them) and find out what feels good for you and what doesn't.

Hope this helps.


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What is better having a high BB or a low BB.



It's a tabo subject this sadly! 0 rise was the in thing years and year ago and still kinda is. 10/15mm kicked in and was not that noticeable. 20/30/40mm is now the new 0 rise comen std. 60+mm need stem to set the cockpit geo correctly. I ride +80mm and love it. Everyhting is easyer as your up higher. Takes a tad to get use to it but does work for me perfectly. Best of ridding differnt frames. More than welcome to try mine out, fact my new one is being built at the same time as my ankle is healing.


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