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Tryall Fixed Cassette


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Hey, i need some help with my try all fixed cassette

it's the ordinary 135mm spacing with a needle bearing at the drive side and a ordinary machine bearing at the non drive

the problem is that the hub wobbles, really annoying

i have never worked with a hub that has this construction so i have no idea how to fix the wobble, tried to tighten everything up, still there.

anyone that uses this hub that can help me? i'd appreciate it

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hey mate try fitting the hub in your frame and tighten the 5 mil bolts on to your axel then undo the coller on the hub were the tiny 2 mil bolts are then tighten the hub again and re tighten the coller bolts (Y) if that doesnt work take both collers off and see if the cassette body can be hammered in hope ive helped .

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