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Thinking Of Getting A Bmx


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OK I fancy something new as I'm pretty bored during day at uni with a lot of time on my hands... So yeah thought I mgiht give BMX a go, which predictably involves me purchasing a BMX...

Thing is, I don't really have a clue about them so any advice on what to get would be awesome, with budget of £200 (I know it isn't much, but I don't wanna spend a lot as A. I'm skint and B. It'll be my first bike n I don't know how long I'll actually end up sticking with it etc)

No too sure what I'd be using it for, bit of blasting around, street, maybe some ramp stuff, really not certain, so something that'll be comfortable with a bit of everything.

From what I've read on here, Hoffman, We The People and DK seem to be the way to go? Anything vital I really need to think about when choosing one?

Also any shops you recommend I use/stay clear of would be nice.

Here's what I;ve been looking at so far:

Stolen Goblin

Hoffman Disrupter EL1

WTP Nova

WTP Bold

DK Cleveland

DK 8 Pack (I MIGHT be able to stretch to the £230 6 Pack if it's really worth it?)

So there's my choices - would be good if anyone can help me narrow it down.

Thanks a lot for any help


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the usual rules are..

full cromoly frame and fork

3pc cranks

alloy wheels

last time i looked at sub £200 bikes most of them didn't come with a full cromo frame and forkset.

the only one in your list that fits those criteria is the DK cleveland - which is a facking bargain if you ask me.

so yeah - get the cleveland.

edit: shop wise - alans and pijin have always been good to me. winstanleys are cheap but their reputation is somewhat variable

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