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Bottom Bracket Length?


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hi again

yet another problem my bike is currenty a single speed but as i need to use it for getting about on i am fitting gears the rear hub is a 9sp compatibile so i fitted a 9sp cassete. The crank is truvative hussefelt single ring the problem is the chain line with the chain on the largest rear sprocket it at quite a sharp angle the bottom bracket shell is 68mm it currently has fitted a giga pipe sl 73mm/68mm shell size bb it has the spacer fitted so it can be used with the 68mm shell and the axel length is 118mm and the crank sits to far out. If i was to get a 68mm shell only bb with a axel length of 118mm would this bring the chain line in abit as there would not be any spacers? or would i need a 113mm axel length bb to make the chain line straighter? The main question is how do you work out what axel length you need is there a formula to work this out does any one know of one?

again any help will be apprecaited

many thanks mike

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