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  1. do you no any clubs near leeds ?

  2. Fort William Trial In June

    Im defenty there, i cant wait. Did it last year and realy enjoyed it even though it did rain all day and this year with the world dh and 4x on it will be even better. See you all there Sam Cahill
  3. The Late Night Thread.

    I want to go to sleep but im not very good at sleeping. so im on here instead bord but looking forward to the national in scotland .
  4. How Do You Get A Thingynobobi

    Thanks i no how to do it now Thanks for telling me that i was going 2 put a link to a shop but now i no not to thanks.
  5. How Do You Get A Thingynobobi

    I was just wondering how do you put writing/links under my text. That is very well explained erm there is this writing now and then there is a doted line just under this and then some people have got writing and links under it. If you no how to put it there could you tell me. Sorry it isnt very well described but i dont no how to describe it. Any help is very greatfull. Thanks Sam Cahill
  6. Shipley Glen

    Nice pic. I like them with the yellow rims Have you got any pics from malham ?? Keep up the gd work. Sam
  7. Sprint_mustang_video_1

    You have got alot of practising to do before you get a sponsor. But i just think your doing this for a laugh and to waste are time The video was terrable Sam
  8. Trials Park In Braintree, Essex.

    Ive signed it. Good luck i hope they build one for you. Dont no if i will ever be able to get down to ride it but i would like to. So we will see what happens. Sam
  9. Drop Gap/gap Recomendations, Sheff/leeds/doncastor/rotherham

    Its the art gallery one in leeds. a dunno what a did but the pic not come up (post 27) Ive never even seen that ledge before and that gap is massive i dont think its possible. Very creative though. Just abit mental Sam
  10. The Bails Thread

    I dont no if this has already been poted not looked at them all but take a look. I laugh so much every time i see it. Not trials related but is bike related. Link of laughter Sam
  11. I live just near Leeds. A little village called Calverley. Normally ride shipley glen but allways looking out for new places. Sam
  12. Realy good pics. A love pics of natural riding. Where is that that your riding ??? Been trying to find new places round the west yorkshire area and that spot looks ace. Sam
  13. Is This Right?

    Yh thats pretty much it. When riding just try to be abit looser not all stiff and bend your knees alot more it just makes your riding look alot smother and nicer. Keep up the good work. Sam
  14. Yesterday

    I have just got a Hosel with black rims. Looks so stealthy. Good pics to. Keep it up. Sam
  15. Helmets

    I have just got a Giro E2 in silver and i love it fits your head realy nicely and its very light weight. Sam