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  1. :O Carl, what has happend to you!! you have improved so much since i last saw you ride, that was suchhhh a good video, really enjoyed it
  2. do you no any clubs near leeds ?

  3. Looked a really good ride, good to see so many people riding in memory of someone
  4. hes 14 now but was 13 when this was filmed
  5. my laptop decided ot have a fit and posted it before i had done
  6. dunno why it did it twice
  7. VIMEO
  8. your best video so far ? foooooking loved it !!
  9. good video, but have u thought about getting a steeper and longer stem ? you just seem very crouched all of the time, still good riding man, keep it up
  10. could it be something to do with the rim you useing ?
  11. yes ryannn how you liking double maggie ?
  12. Probaly because the main thing Damon does when hes out riding is sidehop after sidehop, I bet Gilles doesnt actualy practise sidehops that much
  13. Absolutley brill vid Enjoyed it soo much, really loved the chilled vibe it gave
  14. good riding, but i found the video a little boring to be honest