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  1. Cheers my lad!
  2. Haha!
  3. Sam vickers new trials bike video! Hope you enjoy! Like if you watch the last clip more than once!
  4. i trials every how long do u trials a week how many hours do you think
  5. i just forgot the rules god
  6. hello i want to get some new cranks and i need to know which ones i would be best getting and i need to get a new bottom bracket it is for a onza t-bird and will i be best getting a bashring. thanks
  7. y
  8. im at skol doin tech it is borin what r u doin what r u doin and where r u and which skol
  9. no
  10. ok then have u put your pics there
  11. thanks i have put some on and it is brilliant on my back brake thanks
  12. post your pics here i have a onza t-bird what do u have
  13. is it any good to use tar on a rim
  14. i have a onza tire and need a new 1 to last me for a while
  15. which is the best trials website not including trials fourm. thanks