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  1. Thanks guys, had to re,uploaded it to YouTube without the music but have uploaded it to Vimeo with music
  2. Thanks appreciate it
  3. Hi all I've been riding for volumcnc for a bit now, And should have made this topic a while ago, There making more cnc part as we speak, They currently have brake pad backings, TPAs, boosters, and brake clamps many more to come Give them a follow on Instagram @VolumCNC thanks jamie
  4. Hi all Took advantage of the nice weather the other day and took the camera out with me, And here's what I managed to get, https://vimeo.com/167131142 with music My video got taken down off YouTube for copyright, so re,uploaded it without the music, Thanks Jamie
  5. Looks spot on!!
  6. Update!! stripped the frame as I wasn't to keen on the orange, Thinking about spraying it not sure what colour though Also now running carbon Jitsie handlebar 110mm rise And weight is now 6.84kg
  7. Where are these pictures!!
  8. Thanks, there maestro rims rear one I cut out weight is only 344g I lot of the top riders are using front mag rear disc, front mag is better for gap to fronts and up to fronts,
  9. I know what you mean, I was the same at first, but it feels good!
  10. Hi all, thought I'd post a few pictures of my current bike, I have changed to rear disc brake and love it, would highly recommend it!! Jitsie pads are amazing!!!! I'll update with full spec if anyone is interested Cheers Jamie
  11. Looks spot on! Let's see a video of it been road
  12. I think it looks so much better, As for bashring I used a Inspired 23t bashring cut it down and mounted it on the BB \/
  13. I think that's down to YouTube
  14. After watching it back the first time I thought I should have just gone straight to back wheel! :/
  15. It is amazing! And even better it's a 5 minute walk form my house! And thanks