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  1. Summer Clips
  2. Just put some clips together from this year so far.
  3. I shall be there, hopefully not alone! We shall have to have a weekend one soon when everyone can get
  4. Shrewsbury, Street. Youve got me on facebook so
  5. Awesome! Loved it, Top weekend and the Rhyl ride was sooooper Nicely put together video and glad i got a couple of clips in theres. Cheers Chris (with the red ashton)
  6. Tris.... Simtra PILE!!!!
  7. Haha your secrets safe with me! Its the red and white combination that does it for me, But im not sure if mine isnt abit overkill! Cheers
  8. I find the brake very good, it has got very good hold but at the same time some good modulation... As for the weight i cant be sure, there shouldnt be too much in it!
  9. Been a while since i posted some pics up of the Ashton so just thought id post some as i have made a few little changes (and i have noticed a few others cropping up on the forum) Spec is pretty self explanitory! Cheers
  10. Thats not a bad looking ashton that! I shall have to post a few pics of mine up with a few new little bits
  11. Im all sorted now got my transport and stuff arranged so should be good!
  12. Ive got all the pictures too, and some of my videos have got shrewsbury clips in... Add Christopher Page on facebook
  13. You still looking to ride fella?
  14. Im in telford matey, But i go away on thursday til sunday... But next week? Ill be able to get a couple out