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  2. EPIC riding dude =)
  3. I'm trying to hook you up.
  4. It is serious i don't know anything about hooks but i'm pretty sure he does.
  5. i would ask captain hook He could help.
  6. Yo guys, This is me and Jamie just having a relaxing ride at Shipley Glen.
  7. That is one S.E.X.Y bike =) x
  8. Dude you gaps are massive well done! Your side hops as well massive it is a great video really enjoyed watching it. Keep it up cant wait for your next video
  9. I'm Sams brother, and he's 13
  10. First clip was good mate but you shouldn't have made a preview you should of just waited and made a full video good look with it and keep up the good work . And if it was me i wouldn't put a clip of me jumping a path. .
  11. oooooo all im thinking is WHAT THE HELL! nice video Jamie!!!!! so calm and relaxed. =)
  12. Just a short video from me, Thanks for watching
  13. good video just was a really bad day my brakes didn't work so i didn't do much but it was a nice ride.
  14. Here's a quick video of a day out riding in the rain. Planned for an nice day out but the weather was poop. Anyway, enjoy...