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  1. These vaccines are what most people fear because of the uncertain long term side effects it may cause that have not been years in testing if that makes sense, there is a lot of talk at work people not agreeing to take the vaccine that the UK are handing out at the moment because there is no long term testing.
  2. Something more suitable for businesses to keep a float, all the years and hard work that people have carried out and put their lives through just to get their businesses were they are today and it can all be lost due to this pandemic. I know its a difficult time and not every business can be saved but it has gone on over 12 months now in and out of lockdowns and we are no better off. I don't think everyone will be able to live like this forever.
  3. This is getting a joke now this tier 4 has come in to action and there is apparently another version of corona virus that can't be cured or this is what I have been told! People are getting fed up now and tired of all these lockdowns and closures for businesses. I mean everyone can have their own opinion and say on it but I think its just all getting too much now!