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  1. I did think dark blue as well Yep blue was one color I liked ..my old bike was dark blue though.... The green has grown on me, for now I think it's gonna stay green
  2. Thanks I guessed there was a bolt somewhere! Lol ...does that mean you have to have a frame that has the ability to have that bolt? .....I have a little chain tug on the drive side and the bolts are done up nice and tight ...been ok over the last two days, so see how that goes
  3. Hey everyone, not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but how the hell do snail cams work? I have a hope pro 2 hub with 10mm bolts ... I should be OK to just do them up tight and the wheel should be sound without cams or chain tugs, but just looking at them, I have no idea how they go on or click lol Ben
  4. very nice everyone likes slow motion rain bike wheel videos vivi just knocking about in the background
  5. Hey everyone, my name is Ben, im now an old man at 28, been riding for about 10 years on and off, but over the last year or so I have really got into street/trials riding, when I get time, I love getting on the bike and having a little ride into town , it just doesn't happen as much as id like! I have a flow drift which is very trials set up, the frame has been good to me, being used as a jump bike 4cross and a downhill bike back when I first got it! however i find it hard to get on the back wheel on it, after talking to a few people I think its the head angle and bb height (or the lack of it haha) I was made redundant not too long ago, so i used some of my money to treat myself i have just brought the new inspired console frame set and im crazy excited about building it up and getting out on it! I have a friend that works at the powder coaters so I can have it powder coated any colour -free- will start a bike log when it comes, but I have no idea what to go for!