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  1. You bail the best.
  2. I read that zee is made in a different factory so costs less to produce but is exactly the same.
  3. Not much difference but they put your hands in a much nicer position, and as said 90x35 or 80x40 stem.
  4. Cleric (crazy Russian criminal) used to ride 50km a day on his street bike.
  5. Very nice, I'd change the seat but that's just being picky. I really liked my zoot.
  6. Looks like foil but not as strong
  7. Velcro as Ben said or insulation tape.
  8. I like da bomb tactics, ran them for ages, I think my last pair bent slightly, I trust them not to snap Arcades are excellent and seem really strong. I have no idea on the tms bars but they are the highest rise of the lot. I'd personally say inspired.
  9. I like London also I just thought a middle ground may attract more riders. Not ridden any of those places, anyone have any experience there?
  10. I meant street one day and anyone wanting to make a weekend of it, we could do Lee mill or Shipley Glen the next day. I have a van and could transport 4 other riders to a location if needed.
  11. I preferred London at night last time we went.
  12. There's also Lee mill quarry close by if people want to make a weekend of it.