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  1. I have only used race face cranksets on my console, i had chesters and now turbines, which i really like. Id stick at 22/15 or 16.
  2. Been using mt5 since April 2016. Not broken once, they have taken some knocks but not many, pad clearance is shit, modulation is shit, but they just seem to work. And the power is really good. I wouldn't run mt7 they literally fall apart.
  3. Cool story bro
  4. You bail the best.
  5. I read that zee is made in a different factory so costs less to produce but is exactly the same.
  6. Not much difference but they put your hands in a much nicer position, and as said 90x35 or 80x40 stem.
  7. Cleric (crazy Russian criminal) used to ride 50km a day on his street bike.
  8. Very nice, I'd change the seat but that's just being picky. I really liked my zoot.
  9. Looks like foil but not as strong
  10. Velcro as Ben said or insulation tape.
  11. I like da bomb tactics, ran them for ages, I think my last pair bent slightly, I trust them not to snap Arcades are excellent and seem really strong. I have no idea on the tms bars but they are the highest rise of the lot. I'd personally say inspired.