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  1. So i rode the Pure and it just didnt feel right, weird enough being the same geometry i had before i quit, i choosed to upgrade the frame to an Echo Control Long -09 and change cranks so i could go with a ffw setup instead, havent had a chance to ride it much yet but feels alot better already!
  2. A bash will be added i think, not so much because i go to bash, but to improve the chainline
  3. There is no way the crank sits "fine" on the splines just 25-30% of the way, but i can see your point and loads of people would probably just go with it and tighten as they go and the cranks got worse and worse, i have compared the middleburns splines to the tensiles and the middleburn had a machined recess between the splines while the tensiles doesnt, and on the splines on the bb the recess are a radius, so im pretty sure thats why they wont fit, i will file the recess carefully until the tensiles fit snug on the bb as i would like, really shouldnt be like this but hey, i gues ive been lucky before with all my other cranks Thank you Mark for the feedback! // Patrik
  4. Took some reference pics of my cannondale with middleburns, i even have to hammer the crank in so the bolt can reach the threads on the bb on the tensiles Edit: i just tried the tensile crank on the fsa isis bb on my cannondale and vice versa, and confirmed that the cranks is the issue, which sucks, the middleburns slips right on the tensile bb and the bolt locks it snug, but i have to hammer the tensile cranks on the fsa also to get the bolt to reach the threads... f#ck
  5. Thank you for your replies! I have used plenty of assembly-grease, i have never experienced this before, as you can se from the bolts i can only lock the crank with about 2-3 mm of thread before im afraid that i will strip the bolts, you can see where it stops on the locktite And you can also see more than half the splines still to go inside the crank when mounted on the bb
  6. Hi! Thank you for the reply Ive had multiple isis cranks, never had this issue with middleburns etc My concern is that there is only about 8-10mm of splines inside the crank, i would like to bottom the crank out against the bb, i feel like there isnt enough to spread the load for hard riding, shouldnt be this tight
  7. Anyone ever had this problem? Tensile isis bb and Tensile optimum crankset Was fitting my new cranks and bottombracket and could not even get the cranks far enough in on the splines so the bolts could reach the threads? Had to hammer the cranks in with a mallet and then finally the bolts reached but literally screamed as i turned them in Appreciate any kind of input, hope to solve this with a new bb, sucks though // Patrik
  8. Had to post some past steeds Started with this steel 219 Then upgraded to a Monty 230 Urban a year later Next in line when the hype came with deng and all i bought a Zhi Z1 And my last bike which i sold in 2008 was this Zoo! Python -06 // Patrik
  9. Haha thank you guys for the comments, Regarding the pedals my shins is mostly cartilage from years of riding so that isnt a problem, always rode vp doublecage for trials and always will, and most of the bike is parts thats been laying around in the shed but im very happy with it, i know its not up to date but this is miles better then what i started with, an old steel Monty 219 // Patrik
  10. Been in the trials game for a long time but havent ridden in 8 years, decided to build a bike that resembled the Zoo! I had when i quit, both geometrywise and similar spec Nice to be back! Spec: Ram: Echo Pure -07/08, 1070mm, 385mm, 71 degrees, +35, 1890gGaffel: Echo SL -15Styre: Echo Riser 740mmStyrstam: Trialtech Sport Forged 120, 17 degreesStyrlager: VP Comp SealedSpacers: Hope SpacedoctorHandtag: Echo FoamStyrändar: Hope GripdoctorVevparti: Middleburn Pro trials 175mmDrev: Talon Alloy 22tPedaler: Onza VPKedjespännare: Rohloff ShKedja: Onza Kool 3/32Frihjul: Echo SL 108Frambroms: Hope Trial Zone -15Bakbroms: Magura HS33 -05 med uppgraderad tp i rostfrittBooster: Try-AllClamps: Echo cncFramhjul: Onza Reggie 32mm, Tensile DiscBakhjul: Onza Reggie 32mm, Onza fixedDäck fram: Maxxis Highroller Single ply 2.35Däck bak: Maxxis Highroller Dual ply 2.5 ST In need of a grind, otherwise im happy with how it rides so far! Cheers! // Patrik