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  1. Still riding, some day on my old MTB, some on Inspired. Yesterday police chased me for not wearing a mask outside I guess (they tried to force me stop, but I pedaled away as fast as I can and trials skills helped a lot to get away), but that's extremely stupid, because masks makes sense only indoors/close to other people. I'll lose my mind sitting at home 24/7, that's impossible.
  2. So sad that you are just a property of your government, guys. Oxford Uni: Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) at the University of Oxford argues that the lethality of covid19 (IFR) is between 0.1% and 0.36% (i.e. in the range of a severe influenza) .
  3. BTW how you explain this:
  4. There are not just Wittkowski, but dozens of epidemiologists. And what do you have against him personally? He worked in many Uni's.
  5. Do you have any proofs that virus is really so dangerous?
  6. Every statement based on source/proof, even on official sources like EURO MOMO/official statistics of countries. There are not a single proof that this "plague" affects normal mortality rates. But what affects is: 1) Lack of care for single elderly people (affects mortality) 2) Lack of care for patients with other diseases (affects mortality) 3) F..ed up economy (affects mortality) 4) Skyrocketed rate of suicides/domestic violence/exacerbation of mental illnesses (affects mortality) 5) Rising crime rates (affects mortality) 6) People lost their rights and imprisoned in their homes And for what all that?
  7. I'll just leave it here. And this for those who cannot read:
  8. Folks, don't you think, that consequences of this worldwide lock-down would be much worse than the worst scenario with covid19?
  9. Thanks a lot, Adam! 1) So, RT66 are better than RT86? Or they are similar? I would try a pair of new rotors and pads. 2) I got IS mounts, so the only way to align them perfectly is washers, right? It was pretty difficult to find right ones. 3) Is there any reason to buy adapters + 203 rotors? 4) How bad was the condition of the brake on my pictures (muddy DOT fluid, all that rust)? I rebled it and cleaned pistons + lubricated it, is that enough or it's better to fully rebuild them? Nah, don't think so. Got them from some romanians...
  10. Hello, folks! Got some used rusty (WTF?) Tech 2 EVO Trialzones. Cleaned it, lubricated pistons, aligned (with old pads). Set it up with some used RT86 rotors and at the end got a nice hold and bite but lever feels spongy and non informative. What else can I do to get this nice feel, when you can play some tune with your pads (last time I got that nice feeling on some cheap shimanos, deore or SLX). Done all that by this guides:
  11. Hello, guys! I heard that Arcade 2014 was not the best frame (high probability of cracking near seat tube). Is it truth? Is it worth - buying used one now or it's better to save for a new one? And how do you think, is it a nice price ( 700 pounds ) for this bike?
  12. If we are talking about cheap shimano setup, what's better ZEE(used) or SLX/XT/XTR (used)? Because I see them for same price from time to time.
  13. Obviously yes. Seems like the copy of 4play 2011-2013 with some changes.