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  1. Hi Jack, no, unfortunately not. It’s got a few small cracks in it. It wouldn’t last!
  2. Just taken delivery of the new Inspired Truvativ bashring. Looks a major improvement on the old one. Time will tell. thought I’d share ......
  3. Cheers Ross, what do you want for it? do you want to email me so we can sort out?
  4. Hi, my lad has cracked another of the Truvativ Spired integrated bashrings. i just wondered if anyone has tried any alternatives with the Truvativ cranks? i don’t know what’s out there, however, I am sure you could get a GXP spider and a normal 22t chainring, then put in a normal noted ring. thanks
  5. Looking good Rick!
  6. I’ll go and stand in the corner with my dunces hat on! :-(
  7. Not Instagram, but YouTube....
  8. Also, saw this on Instagram.........
  9. Here’s what it looks like..... however, it’s also worth noting that this actually happened when he was doing a 180 and pulled out half way through, so lander at 90. Didn’t hit anything. Obviously don’t know how weak it was before etc, and it has been hit on several occasions. What I would say is that he’s only 14, so the forces wouldn’t be anything like if I was riding it. Also, never had any problem with his old bike (inspired flow Plus).
  10. Nice!!
  11. Funny, my sons has just broken today. Looks very similar! Admittedly it has been bashed (not as bad as the one in your pictures), however, is that not the whole point of a ‘bash ring’? his is also 2 months old!