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  1. Second lockdown vid for you all
  2. Can someone remind me how to embed?
  3. Managed to find some time to learn to ride again in this lockdown https://youtu.be/6p_GOSVsB3k
  4. Any recommendations on Zee caliper pads? For the time being, aim is to find a new mt7 caliper on the cheap and build a nice set of Shiguras then for the Arcade and move my Zees onto the Skye for spare (or friend's to ride), currently running full Zees. I've already found myself a new Zee lever on the Ebay, although it appears a new MT7 caliper is just as cheap as a whole MT5 brake; so I'm willing to wait. I'm happy to do a brief overview of how the Shigura project goes on the forum if people are interested - I know a few are already running this combo - @Ali C could make for a good topic for those interested.
  5. I didn't actually see this post had got any responses. Cheers Chaps. Much appreciated!
  6. Hi all, In my recent boredom of lock down I have been looking into and become slightly obsessed with disk brakes. I plan on trying to combine a magura mt7 caliper with a shimano saint lever to try and get the best braking results that money allows me to, but I realise that braking power and that 'bite' isn't just about piston power, pretty much the main factor being the pads themselves. After reading online reviews about mountain brake pads, they're all kind of focused on long descents and how the brake performs in that respect (makes sense if you're a mount biker), but I'm wondering what is the best brake pad for us? All we really want is that initial bite immediately, not a lot of our riding is done in muddy or wet conditions, we aren't really holding the brake on, so performance under high temperatures isn't really a priority. I'm interested to hear everyone's inputs on what their brake pad experiences are and what their preffered pad is? Also thought some debate on here would be nice to see again...
  7. Some real smooth jibs in that. Nose manny was nice and the rolling hook tap thing was so smooth. Nice one
  8. @Rusevelt here is your daylight shot
  9. Thanks
  10. Wow, that’s some serious status. Cheers dude!
  11. Next time I’m out I’ll get you a photo and post it here. Thanks though man!