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  1. Ok nevermind, somehow I knew it would be simple and I would look dumb. The bolts simply go much tighter than I am used to for bike components. 50NM according to Adam at Tarty.
  2. I am needing just a little help setting up a Howitzer bottom bracket with a Holzfeller crankset as found on a stock Inspired Hex. I just bought the bike lightly used and as it arrived there was only one spacer located on the drive side. As found the cranks had a definite side to side play so I looked up the installation sheet for the Howitzer bottom bracket and saw that with the 68mm shell it needs two spacers on the drive side and one on the non-drive. I now have it installed in this configuration but still have side to side play in the spindle. Is there something I don't know about how the Inspireds are supposed to be setup or what am I missing? It looks like it needs yet another spacer but I already have the three installed. What gives? Thanks.
  3. If they are broken down inside the hub mount the best thing I have found for that kind of thing are left-handed drill bits. Center punch the bolt first then start drilling into it with the left-handed bit and at some point it should catch and come right out.