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  1. I was thinking of getting some disc brakes. Worth it? Yeah the rear rim does feel a bit iffy when I try and roll up for a track stand. I've put an order in for a rear rim. Also I've rolled the bars forward too. Thanks.
  2. Behold.. The bike i'm learning on.. Photos taken by me.. Enjoy.. Thanks Imran
  3. I did a search and found @Burton trials boys
  4. Thank you!
  5. Ok. Sometimes I really wanna sell this bike. Why did I buy a trial bike if I can't trial. Maybe it's the wrong bike size? I've got an idea. I'm willing to pay a bit of money anyone near by to come check out my bike and help me out. How does that sound? If someone can come round and check it out and give me some pointers to help this noob. That would be great. Thanks .
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Unfortunately i dont have a car at the moment to drive that far about with my bike. But i do have a back gardem and a park nearby to practise and enough space for manouveres . I have some pallets and bricks to practise on too. but i havnt got that far yet. im still stuck on the track stand. Alot of videos say you need to be slightly moving on pedals and turned wheel at 45 degrees. but my bike seems to shoot of when i try that. I'm rtying to learn trackstand with locked wheels, what i mean is i press and hold the brakes while trying to trackstand at the same time. Been at it for a few days.
  7. Hi. So recently I bought an echo 24" . Really keen on learning trials. Tried learning things like track stand. But not getting very far. I'm in my early 30s. Looking for help and someone to help me ride trials. Thanks.