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  1. Anyone here from near me? Not long got back into trials and just looking for places to go and who’s out and about.
  2. Mark thanks for the response, appreciate it. ive not stripped it out yet, I got it last week and only got it out the van yesterday. Was when I was giving it a check over I noticed. It’s not bad, you can’t really feel it when pedalling. I’ll nip out to the shed shortly Pop the arms off and give what you said a try and see first...I’ve also got a T-pro it was part of the deal and it needs some work but it doesn’t Look like any t-pro I have seen. Do you think you could mybe shed some light on it? I’m reluctant to source parts till I’m sure what will fit it lol
  3. I’m looking for some help, I’m in need of a bottom bracket, it’s needing replaced as it’s got a bit of play in it. I’ve looked online and can’t seem to find one can someone help me out? I don’t know what size it would be to try get an alternative either. Thanks
  4. Hi I’ve just got an onza t-bird & and onza t-pro. The t pro is in need of some parts but I’m not certain witch would fit as I’ve no seen any t-pro’s like it. I think it might be an older bike. Can anyone give me some information. Thanks