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  1. I'm in kilwinning just now, where abouts are you? And just trying to get back into it
  2. Looking to upgrade my brakes, currently avid bb7s, what do folk recommend hopes/saints/magura
  3. i have had nothing but compliments to my marino frame and the way it rides, i had nothing but great service from mr marino (if a little slow but i want stuff next day but it was worth every second of the wait) i then decided to remove the v-brake tabs and add a disc mount by jaff bikes very good service and good communication and the welding is very nice , BUUUT the disc tab was welded upside down and was not the only one!!! his work is good but he needs to watch the small details this problem is easily sorted but is a pain some times....
  4. Yah the its not ment to be fun atall,i like slidey conditions but what i heard was it was just dangerous, but see how the weather looks during the week, im on for street id need to try get a trail bike if we went to glen tress
  5. I cant do sat but i will still be riding street on the sunday if anyone is still about
  6. Canni wait!! If any ones needing a place crash out give us a shout
  7. Im in! Matt just give me a shout if your heading over im off every sunday
  8. if you turn up wearing that, I'd call the police!!!
  9. She told me she was 23!! I'm in
  10. Hey Its been a while it looks like i can make an appearance this sunday, Kev is it cool to sign on in the morning of the comp? chris
  11. Tensioner idea was stolen from jambo Yeah the bash turned out a bit better than what I was expecting
  12. Had a 24" rear wheel sitting in the house looking lonely sooo i built this up around it!! Finished it earlier and hope to get it to the skatepark the geo is wb - 1015 bb - +20 cs - 370 ha - 74 feels really good for the carpark test Im amazed at the quality of the frame and how light the bike is
  13. a few of us! we are out pretty much all the time the more the merrier p,m me and ill give u ma number
  14. new rear wheel added bonz hub on trialtech sl and a standard tube(did have a dh tube before) feels crazy light Stunning hub higher rise stem too feels a bit better but i think its more the length still to get the final weight but feels good
  15. bike feels really good just now with the standard stem but got the higher rise one now so see how that feels and new rear wheel so the diet has started Jambo Bring it on!!