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  1. I have lots of favourite songs, my favourite songs are usually whaterver's current. I like rap music the most and my favourite singer is Eminem and I like all his songs. I guess at the moment my favourite song is 50 cent 'Outta Control'
  2. Even thought the PSP is suposedly a game console, if that's what you want it for then your better off buying something else like a XBox or Playsation 2. The games available for the PSP are limited, but they will probably bring out a better range in the future. Because of the PSP's other features, such as MP3, video etc, they kind of don't focus so much on the gaming, so they didn't really design that side of things as well as they would on other gaming consoles.
  3. They are nice pics, you are a pretty good rider! Thanks for sharing them with us :rolleyes:
  4. You can buy phones without a sim card from a mobile phone shop, but they cost more than the same modle of phone with a phone company's sim card. I think phone company's make the phones less with a sim card to tempt you into joining their network.
  5. Before going to sleep I lye in bed and listen to the radio before actually turning it off and sleeping. You could try this play some music or listen to the radio but don't have it too loud or you won't actually get sleepy. Also when I'm lying there I just think about stuff thats happened during the day and then you eventually fall asleep and you don't realise it.
  6. Disney
  7. Depends wheter you are just going to paint them and wear them once off (because then you can just use any paint) but if you are planning on wearing them and they need to be washed then you will need fabric paint. You can also use a texta called a Laundrey Marker and those are like a permanent marker but they will stay on no matter how many times you wash the T-shirt. If you go to a craft shop there will be a range of differnt fabric paints and you may even be lucky enough to find a spray on one. There is also this special liquid (I'm not sure what it's called but you'd find it with the fabric paints in a craft shop) that makes other paints that you mix it into stay on your clothes when you wash them.
  8. If your getting a cheap player be careful which one you choose, I got a cheap one and it just got stuffed and I had take it back, When I took mine back to the shop the lady said that all of those players (Conwa) were dodgy. Your better off to get a rechargable one as my took AAA batteries and the it had something wrong with it and it used a battery in like 2 hours! My friend has the same player and hers lasted a bit longer but now is stuffed and you can't put songs on it anymore. My other friend got a Conia one which was also pretty cheap, but his is rechargable and it's still working fine! So go with a recharable one!
  9. Instrument
  10. It is kind of a lot of money to be spending when they seem to never discover anything worth while, but one day they might and it will all be worth it. I can see why people would be against it, as the money could be put to far better use by feeding the poor etc, but in space they may find out something useful that will help the world in some way.
  11. Beatles
  12. When I board I usually just turn on the TV, but that ends up getting you even more board so I would usally go out for a ride, call some friends and see if they want to come over or go out somewhere. Are you board from just staying at home? Just get out of the house and go places with friends, when you do things like that you always end up doing something fun and it's exiting because you've got your friends there.
  13. When I first saw it I too thought he must have done it on paint. I don't agree with the child doing it part though, it's hard to draw good pictures on paint as it's hard to neatly draw things with the mouse :shifty:
  14. car
  15. Welcome to Trials Forum mate! I hope you learn alot from the forum and most of all enjoy yourself!