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  1. Without a doubt one of the nicest designs in the business - truely a timeless classic!
  2. Nice Norco mate. Let me join the club!
  3. I e-mailed Ryan a while back to ask about the axle to crown length of his Marz fork, and he replied that it was 440mm, hence that fork's travel is 60mm. I suggest that anything in the region of 415mm (Kona P2) to 425mm (B2 FT forks) will suit the frame quite well. Remember that the earlier versions were equipped with a norco fork that was around 400mm long, albeit with different geometry.
  4. Didnt snow too heavy here, but still cool.
  5. Hey, Im staying at Towers too on the 8th floor, east. Im riding a red Norco team trials and have also just moved to England, so give me a shout if you see me around.
  6. Here is my bike, bought the frame from a friend some months back and built her up. Just moved to Lougborough from Singapore.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, some really useful stuff! (Y) Wasn't able to get length detail for the Fatty R until now; I thought it would be a bit longer though. The shops got them in here, but at steep price. Looking through the Factionbike site, the BT F5 looks like a good buy, seeing as though its the perfect length (suspension corrected for about 60mm) and has a 1 year warrenty. If I can't land one of these for any reason (just e-mailed to check shipping details, costs etc), i'l be going for the Pure or PXs. Anyways, heres a shot of where my current fork broke, a freak accident really -
  8. Hi, I just snapped my fork, an unbranded aluminium example, at the steerer tube just below the headset. Thanks to that experience i'm in the market for a new fork, and would appreciate any recomendations. Im using an 03 Norco Team Trials frame, which if im not wrong has geometry suited for suspension fork use. My previous rigid fork meaured in at 430mm, so it was suspension corrected for a 85mm fork, and was a bit long. I'm not in the know about rigid trials forks at the moment, but are there any aluminium ones that have a crown to axle length of about 410-420mm? Does anyone know the length of the Fatty R? Thanks :lol: