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Rear Magura Problems


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Hi all, right my magura is not working proply ive tryed everything but still isnt working right, when you pull the lever in it will not rebound back out for ages ( one will fine straight away but the over one take for ever) ive tryed rebleeding it about 4 times (water) the lazy piston think with pump and i dont know what else to do so if anyone knows whats up with my brake and knows how to sort it please tell me.

thanks greg

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Take all the hydro lines out of the cylinders and the master cylinder(lever)

blow till you cant blow no more......squirt wd40 in them......wack some water in your mouth and push it through the lines to clear away the wd40....attach the lines to the magura and rebleed (Y)

once thats done....pull lever and squirt a little wd40 on the cylinder (once its all the way out ) JOB DONE.

Thats what i always do and its never failed me once .

Dave x

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Well i took the lever apart had a little fiddle around took the bit out of te lever out and the spring, put it back in put the lever on and pushed the lever in and it hasn't spring back out the bit inside is just sitting there is the lever fcuked ?

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Take the piston out again (pain in the ass if it's now stuck = pressure!), and try putting it in the lever body in different positions and see it returns any better just by using your finger to press on it. This happened to me a while back, I had to mess with it for about an hour until I found the right position.

Like I said... mine had a really slight groove/depression running down the piston, so I lined it up with the join on the lever body, where the two halves meet and I went from being completely stuck to working great.

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