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180 Drops Destroying My Ankles


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I'm doing a lot of 180 side drops lately, and I'm finding the cylinders of my maguras are digging into my ankles quite badly...it's painful! does anyone know of a way that I could help minimize this? Are there ankle guards I can get that would help?

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Can't put dengura cylinders on maguras, can you? I've got a few sets here...not sure if I'd bother with that though...I certainly wouldn't switch over to an echo brake again, too much BS with those things...

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try these babies


also read this sticky below. because you've weakened your ankle it'll be more susceptible to a break. i kept twating the inside of my ankle on the frame when doing 180's and whips which must have made my ankle weaker. then i fractured it in two places :| but after speaking to simon who;s a physio and (the guy who wrote the post below) he said if i'd let my ankle recover properly and done some physio exercises and stuff it probably wouldn't have snapped. so you've been warned!


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It's easy to blame the bike for this, but It's partly a technique thing. It means you've got more momentum in your hips than in your arms. You need to throw more with your arms, or less with your hips - whichever way you look at it :)

Covering them with some sort of sponge would help, but if they are bruised - let the bruising heal. It's not good to keep bruising a bruise. It can damage the tissue.

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