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Ko Rims

Daniel C

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i was just wondering if anyone knows when the ko rims are coming out and how much for?

are they the same as the old echo cnc rims?

cheers .:chapy:.

They will have the same cnc scoops as the echos did but they won't be the same rim they will preform differently, as they arn't just a copy of the echos they have had to be designed from scratch. And people in the other topic didnt get that and started saying cant wait for these am getting some even before the drawing had been done for them as they just expect them to be exactly the same as the echos because they wil have scoops.

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Spoke to dan the other day and apparantly the cnc scoops are patented by mavic, so we might not be seeing them. I don't think my idea of star shaped holes was a winner either :(

Dan's a really nice chap though, if you want to know i'd suggest ringing and asking him.

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