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Snail Cams


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Chain tuggs in my opinion aren't as good as cams. Cams go over the axel and push up against a bolt in the frame, becuase they're spiral shape, the more you turn them round the more the wheel get's pushed back.

I've used both and i find cams better as once you get them ajusted right (i used the cams with teeth) there is no way the wheel is going to move at all, where as with tuggs i found that the wheel would move slightly after a few backhops, so i found myself over tensioning with tuggs and letting them slip back into place which used to realy piss me off.

I've never used the cams with no teeth, i don't think i ever will, i had to use a pair of molegrips on the arm of the FP cams to get my chain the right tension, if the were rouned i don't think they would have held in place to tighten the axel bolt up.

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yea i use snail cams with teeth on the drive side and smooth on the other for fine adjustment and to tension i get a screwdriver and stick in between the frame and axle and pull axle back to desired tension and then move the snail cam to it locks and tighten and then adjust the other side by just pushing the snail cam to square the wheel up

Chain tugs are good but they really stick out and prone to breaking if caught and weigh more but no chance of the wheel moving and stronger tension



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