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Hi all,

So my shimano silent clutch finally gave up on me yesterday riding in Bristol,

Just wondered if the Hope Bulb hub was a reliable replacement or should i just bite the bullet and go for a Pro2 trials.

Theres £50 difference between the two and at this time of the year money is a bit thin on the ground

Would a bulb cope with the job do you reckon?

Thanks in advance, Rob

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They are good hubs with 36 engagement points and three pawls. The only issue I found was as they have more engagement points on the ratchet ring, they wore out/skipped after about 8 months.

Pro IIs are seem to be more reliable as they only have 24 engagement points on the ratchet but 2 sets of offset pawls giving 48 engagement points in total. Also, being bolted on, no issues with braking QRs when you land on the dropout.

If you do a lot of riding, especially gaps etc that put more strain on the hub, go for the pro II as it should last a lot longer.

If you're just starting out/don't go big, a BULB will be up to the job.

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you would most lilky be able to find a full built wheel for under the price of a new hope pro2

ive seen hope bulbs blow up on downhillbikes and they dont even put half the pressure into the hub as we trials rider's do

id spend that extra £50 if your going new but as its allready been said try find a secondhand one firsthttp

://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Categories.aspx?CategoryID=764 £96 brand new there for a pro2

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