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  1. Mate, open the FB group. Same for the Bristol one. The links don't work as i think it might set as private
  2. Woah, TF is looking weird and new. I'm not surprised he rinsed all over the 24" club with that starter, it's also why i started feeling hatey/ salty/ negative (choose your own word) towards the scene. Least we have Ali, Mark, Ben T, Ross, Ben R when he's around, Leon, and the 26"/20" dudes still doing their own thing. On YT got a reply from someone who said Dave Sellero is still riding but no videos, he was pretty lethal too. Left my thoughts on YT with James- superb video for sure.
  3. Props to sticking with the brakeless, think you're one of the last to keep doing it (out of the people i know ofc) Loved the endo spin to gap Prefer your old style of music though! It had zing. Whatever that means
  4. Pretty nuts! Should of tripoded that camera though!
  5. Thumbs up for sure That's the riding scene to be jealous of. The middle east and asian riders have videos on youtube too. They do some (not trials) awesome stuff, on beaten bikes. Admittedly the music is horrendous (as is most in videos nowadays ), but they do some wacky cool stuff.
  6. Another life is busy excuse here. But 4 weeks to go. Shouldn't be too hard to accomplish something
  7. Great to see him smiling just cruising along! The feeling of just being free while rolling along is something that you would miss a lot. I hope he can stay focused on that and not be drawn into wanting more too soon. His progress is really good though, and i'm sure that is a big influence to many which is a very good thing. Well done Martyn!!
  8. Don't recall, but don't recall much from that era apart from the obvious street names. Had a little gander at his videos, possibly seem familiar, beasty ass sidehops
  9. Obvious differences in their riding, Flip would demolish James at trials, but tricks, visa versa. Mr Rawlings showed me this one of him. 180 no hands was sick, but yet last line was meh
  10. Rang James earlier, he's committed on going too. Is Mark making an appearance?
  11. Not into random foot plants, but other than that pure awesome. Static to crankslide Flip was styled real nice and aggressively too.
  12. Wondering what the main day is, Sunday i presuming?
  13. That skinny wall to gap over mini road was awesome!
  14. Really good watch, looked like a great trip!
  15. Agree with what everyone else has said, top dog shit.