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Warm Up

skinny paul

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to warm up i tap, gap and sidehop as high/far as i can.....get nackered and go home.

so basically my warm up is my ride :P

Seriously the best bet is a (slightly old/maybe a sticky) topic in full members written by a doctor/physio about injuries, in there he does a good job of explaining some preventative measures against muscle injury!

it is important to warm up, especially if you have driven to a spot to ride.

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I usually stretch out the big muscles just lightly, like a couple 10 second reps with the quads, hamstring, lower back and the arms.

My right should has a tendancy to dislocate fairly easily so i have to strech around that area alot more thoroughly but i usually just hop around a bit and stretch whats stiff.

That said use your little warm up wall to stretch out and get comfy before you move to the 20ft dropgap youve been eyeing.

Just makes sense man,



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