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Hi guys I'm looking for a bit of help,

I'm currently in my final year on a Music Technology course and am looking for a variety of 'professional portfolios' so I can write a critical analysis report for them before I begin the development of my own. They don't have to be directly related to music tech, and may actually be better if they're not. They can be in the form of websites, interactive CDs, journals and so on.

Basically what I'm asking is whether any of you have done this in the past and wouldn't mind me having a look and using them towards my work (obviously with your permission), or whether you know of any good artists, photographers, web designers or musicians who have online portfolios which I could make use of.


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Can use mine if you want, http://www.jonmack.co.uk, it's not very good but it's a start.

There are shit loads of portfolios on places like faveup.com and bestwebgallery.com, which are all also really well designed. Sites like designyoutrust.com and itsnicethat.com are also good sites to see peoples portfolios.

http://www.iamhenkell.com/ is Rob P's site from here, sure he wouldn't mind either.

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Thanks for that, thats just what I'm looking for. I've had a quick look at the links and there seems to be plenty for me to go at.

If there's anybody else wanting to offer anything please do. If you really want I can also send a copy of the critical analysis when its completed just so you know what I've said about your work. I wont bitch about it too hard.

Thanks again!

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