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The Snow Melted! Took Pictures


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the snow finally melted enough for me to go for a ride. my friend took some pictures from tonight.


this is definitely my biggest sidehop ever. I have always wanted to land this sidehop, and have come close many times. This is the first time i've landed it without slipping back to pedal.


Big double tap with a uphill run up. didn't quite make it.


small gap down to the square tile




tap to rear


i actually managed to roll my back tire up the wall on this sidehop


cool shot with some nice downtown vancouver buildings in the back

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Impressive stuff! Some big moves going on there. Those photos looked mightily familar to me on first glance, but I wasn't totally sure to begin with. Of course I've since read the final sentance at the bottom of your post which I didn't spot when I was first browsing the pics. So the snow has finally melted in Vancouver then! I'd love to see a video of your riding in downtown that would be ace. Hope you don't mind but I've posted a few pics of myself riding the same spots (much smaller moves though!) in 2004. Your photos brought back some good memories- thanks for posting them.





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