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32h Hub Onto 28h Rim

Jamie East

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There have been topics like this before, a search will probably help you more then i can :huh:

As for the lacing- it is physically possible however it is quite tricky and easy to mess-up/ hard to get nice even tension.

I wouild suggest replacing your hub, if the rim is the new part or vice-versa.

as Alex mentioned you may also need to get different spoke lengths, which no spoke calculator will be set up to calculate.

this means trial and error is needed and that makes it more hassle then its worth.

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It's easy, just build it normally, but on each hub flange leave two holes unfilled opposite each other.

I'm huessing Radially spoked would be easiest, but if it's a disc wheel then you want it crossed at least on the disc side.

EDIT: But if you havn't bought the stuff yet, get a 28h hub aswell, it'll make your life easier.

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