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Hey all,

I have a Virus on my pc :( it is a Trojon horse virus or somthing and it will not let me remove the virus is there a way I could remove it ?

When I do:

Disck Defragmenter


Disk Cleanup

My pc keeps crashing and going really slow, I have 68% free memory left I have deleted loads of stuff the last time I had 2% left and its gone up from that, But the virus is still here :S

I have a 256 RAM

It is ok I gess but the virus is my main consern My pc is around 2years old.

Does anyone know how to help me with this?

All comments welcome!



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Avast is top stuff, have you run a boot scan? You need more RAM the 256Mb though, I'm surprised it's not died! And stop downloading dodgy porn, prevention is cheaper than the cure ;)

I only download videos from here lol

I'm only on the pc for T-F, facebook, msn ect.. lol

But it's sided to die :( would it be something that some one has sent me ?

Or should I just re boot and re start agen form the biginning?

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