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Long Eaton Trials Park


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As the title says there is going to be a trials park in Long Eaton, westpark (Nottingham) . At the minute it is being designed by Joe Oakley and it should be finished late this year (i think) it is going to take that long because there is also going to be a skate park and a cyclocross track as well, so its going to be a three parter.

The trials park will probably consist of concrete pipes, rocks from a local quarry and lots of telegraph poles, there will also probably be more stuff to ride on because at the minute Joe is going to go to his favourite spots and taking pictures of all the stuff, so we probably will have more stuff :)

If you want more information about the park when we have more meetings i will update this topic so you will all now :)

Hopefully the park will be very popular and attract lots of people, so more people will no about trials biking

Thanks, Sam

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